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” The two congregated instantly. As it happens sometimes, the idea stepped down from the dream into the reality; and he saw it more clearly now than he had seen it in the dream. “Do you happen to know whether she is supposed to be here?” “Very likely indeed,” Captain Fred Meddoes answered, lighting a cigarette. The nuns had no regard for the sensibilities of a “lady” and expected Melusine— for it was her allotted task—to clean and tend the soldier’s wounds even when they festered. And that’s why I’m at your service. ‘Dead then, is he?’ ‘If I could say that he is dead, it would give me very much satisfaction. His attraction for her was now written plainly on his freckled face, revealed by the many drinks he had imbibed. You can’t do that sort of thing unless you do it over religion, and there’s no religion in me—of that sort—worth a rap.

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